3 servings of my Eton mess recipe.

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3 servings of my Eton mess recipe.

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Eton Mess is a super popular dessert in England and Ireland — and can you believe it was possibly the result of a school’s food fight?! It may be the only good outcome in any school’s history of food fights; they usually end in detention, not dessert! 

An Eton mess is a wonderful combination of pavlova (or meringue), cream, and a type of summer fruit. In this case, we’re using blueberries and lemon curd, which I think it’s a delicious and refreshing combination! 

This mess (which is a delightful mess, in my humble opinion) is all about texture! The sweet pavlova, which is a little crunchy and a little chewy, mixes perfectly with fatty cream and the macerated berries. It’s one of my favorite desserts of all time! 

What Is Blueberry and Lemon Eton Mess?

As I said above, Eton mess is a dessert made with pavlova (or meringue), cream, and a type of summer fruit. Typically, it is made with strawberries, but my homemade Eton mess calls for blueberries and lemon curd! 

Eton mess can be first found in print back in 1893, but there are a few mixed reports! Some people say Eton mess was created when students at Eton college started a food fight. (That’s my personal favorite story, can’t you just imagine one of the kids scooping some up, saying, “Wait, this is great!” and ending the whole fight as everyone went to grab some spoons?)

Another theory says that Eton mess was made while being served during a cricket match against students of Harrow School. They say the strawberry, meringue, and cream pudding was dropped, and instead of tossing the food out, they scooped it all up and served it all together in bowls. 

However it came to be, one thing is for sure: it is delicious! 

Three glasses of Blueberry & Lemon Eton mess.

What You Need To Make Blueberry and Lemon Eton Mess

How To Make Blueberry And Lemon Eton Mess

Don’t confuse it with the eccentric, space-loving engineer Elon Musk! Eton mess is a lot easier to make than a rocket that goes to Mars. Here’s how you make the perfect blueberry and lemon Eton mess (and don’t forget to get the full recipe with measurements, down below)

  1. Add the blueberries, sugar, and water to a small saucepan over medium-low heat and bring it to a simmer. Simmer the mixture for 2 minutes, then remove it from the heat and set it aside to cool down. 
  2. In a large bowl, whip the cream until soft peaks form.
  3. Roughly break up the pavlova and stir it into the cream. I like to do big and small pieces to get the different textures.
  4. In your serving dishes, layer in the lemon curd, pavlova mix, and blueberries! 

Top-down view of my lemon & blueberry Eton mess recipe.

Gemma’s Pro Chef Tips For Making Blueberry And Lemon Eton Mix

  • Use my Pavlova Master Recipe. You can make it in just 5 simple steps! You can also use store-bought meringues.
  • love lemon and blueberries together. You can use homemade Lemon Curd or store-bought.
  • If you’re like me and bake a lot, you have a supply of egg whites. Freeze them in Ziploc bags, label them, and defrost them for future meringue and pavlova desserts! 
  • Use fresh or frozen blueberries for this recipe; both work really well. Keep in mind that frozen foods are often frozen when they are at peak ripeness! Same goes for canned food! 
  • I like to serve this dessert right after it has been mixed up. The meringue starts to dissolve in the cream if it sits too long, so don’t mix it too far in advance.

How Do I Store Blueberry And Lemon Eton Mess?

This dessert is best the day it is made and truly the best right after the meringue and cream have been mixed together. You can cover and store leftover Eton mess in the fridge for a day or two, but keep in mind the meringue will start to dissolve in the cream.

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Full (and printable) recipe below the video!

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